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Quality coatings to increase your glass performance

Our mission is clear. We try to make the world a little better as before. We try to reach this by staying innovative and having the courage to act, to challenge established thinking and drive transformation without comprimising our integrity. We value the relationship with our costumers and especially the quality of the products we deliver for them.





We have customized products fitting your needs

A coating for your
solar panels

Improve your efficiency by up to 15%

The PV+ coating is specially designed for application on solar panels. The coating has multiple advantages to increase the performance of the photovoltaic modules. The coating is anti-reflective, thus increasing the transmission rate of sunlight. Furthermore, it is dirt repellent which can be especially useful in arid, dry regions and the coating is durable with a lifelength equal to that of the solar panels, offering perfect protection against glass corrosion. Lastly, the coating is chemically sustainable and poses no threats to the environment.

dust and dirt repellent

easy-to-clean droppings




corrosion protection



The ideal coating for
facade glass and greenhouse glass

The HP+ coating is specially designed for application on facades and greenhouses. The coating offers the perfect protection against corrosion of the glass keeping the glass clean. It is durable as it will not wear off and it is beneficial for cleaning as it repels dust and dirt particles. Lastly, the coating is scratch-resistant.

A coating for your
shower glass

The HP1 coating is specially designed for application on shower glass. It is a hydrophillic coating that creates a thin water film, resulting in the instant drying of your shower glass. There is no more need to wipe the glass clean. The coating has a lifelength equal to that of the shower glass and it protects the glass against corrosion and scale, so no more white spots.

instantly dry

hydrophillic properties


corrosion protection

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