These cleaners we have in the product portfolio:
Vindico Vitranova, renovation Glass cleaner (strong concentration and acid)
Vindico Vitraclean, neutral all purpose Glass cleaner (pH-value 6,5)
Vindico Vitraneutra, Glass cleaner based on isopropanol

 Vindico (both coatings Vindico N® en Vindico HP®) treatment on new glass must be follow the cleaning process as written below:

Cleaning with a washing machine is most of the time acceptable (conductivity of the reversed osmoses water < 15 µS, pH value between 6,6-7,5 pH), Vindico HP to be save cleaned can used before coat Vitraneutra, the cleaner (not diluted) use on a cotton paper or cloth and go over the total surface, the alcohol will evaporate.
Glass from productions of insulated glass, toughened or laminated will show by cleaning a hydrophobic behavior, which means there is a contamination on the surface, for coat we need chemical clean surface. Use Vitranova in the washing water and the dilution depending on the dirty surface, start with 20 ml/5 Liter. When the glass is still reacting hydrophobic, clean with Vitraclean (not diluted) on a white pad  The glass rinsing with water afterwards with lukewarm water to remove all the cleaner rest of the surface, dry with a squeegee and remove  with paper or cloth water rest before coat.
Do not use Vitranova pure, this is a high concentrated acid (don’t contains fluoride)