Vindico N on Sandblast

Vindico HP

Vindico N on float

Vindico HP1 in house application

Vindico HP1 on conservatories


Glas coatingen:
Vindico N
Vindico HP
Vindico HP+
Vindico UV

SiOx coatingen:
Vindico PV+®
Vindico SiOx

Vindico Surface Technologies provide a unique process to introduce atmospheric SiOx on surfaces as  glass, ceramics, aluminum and steel. On glass it offers 2 solutions,  improvement of light transmission and/or making surfaces bond better with painting, sealant and glue.  For application on other surfaces SiOx can be used as primer, or protection against corrosion. With SiOx is applied to substrate Vindico N® or Vindico HP® coating can be applied and to every kind of surface can be protected and gain easy-to-clean properties.

This can applied by hand or an automatic line, see our equipment product group.

Vindico Vitraclean
Vindico Vitraneutra
Vindico Vitranova

Vindico Design®

environment-friendly mineral design foil which are opaque, transparent, roughly or  can be carried out in several colors and designs. The foils can be used in many applications for both in residential and buildings, such as breastwork, shower enclosures, kitchen tiles, mosaic tiles, light walls and ceilings, lampshade , slide-bar brackets, pieces of furniture, table blats, wall decoration, separating walls, antiskid. Partial  application and letter printing for construction and publicity. In foil implementation the customer himself can process the material. Also we provide all type of foil on each desired glass application, of laminated to toughened in the desired glass thickness.

Industrial gasses:

Hand spray for hand application Vindico N® and Vindico HP®

Automatic rollercoat for Vindico N® en Vindico HP®

Automatic application lines for Vindico Ag+ en Vindico SiOx


Application line Vindico N® and Vindico HP®, from a washing machine and a Spray cabin for a correct dosage on the glass surface existing of the coating. Afterwards the square right can be packed, the coating react in the first hours after application, but do not need become after cleaned.

Application line for introducing Vindico SiOx happens under normal atmospheric circumstances and are not introduced under vacuum such as other SiOx coatingen.  With a modified gas with a flame pyrolitisch SiOx on surface are introduced.