Vindico has 4 options in coatings for the photovoltaic and thermal solar application;

  1. Vindico HP®, hydrophilic sol-gel coating (2K), only antifouling (low-soiling), apply industrial with rollercoater or spray robot, depending on the working speed, more than 5 meter per minute one need to use a spray robot, glass 1300 mm
  2. Vindico HP® modified, hydrophilic coating (2K), antifouling and AR properties, one size coating, light transmission + 1%, to be apply with standard rollercoater, capacity 500.000 m²/year, glass size 1300 mm
  3. Vindico HP+®, sol-gel coating (2K, gel viscosity 700 mPas), hydrophilic coating, antifouling (low-soiling) and AR properties, one size coating, light transmission + 2,8% to be apply with a standard rollercoater, thermal drying and te be tempered, investment in rollercoater, conveyors and dry-oven (special oven suitable for this application, most of them are used in the wooden industry which can’t be used) capacity 500.000- 1 million m², glass size 1300 mm
  4. Vindico PV+®, Vindico patent, combination coating 2 sizes AR (CCVD process), antifouling (low-soiling) and sodium barrier, light transmission +4,5 %, complete engineered line investment of AR line conveyors, washing machine, spray robot,  materials and assembling, spectrometer, capacity 2,6-3,0 Million m²/year, glass size 1800 mm. Download here Vindico PV+ en Vindico HP+


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